Don’t Pen Me In – 100 Word Tale

“Gather round youngins. Hear the story when we saved farmer Brown’s a….”

“‘Apples’, right Lester?”

“That would be what I was to say. This here trashed building is a testament to your great, great, who knows how great, grandmama. One Henrietta Leghorn who had the b…”

“‘Brains’, Lester?”

“Yes, right, the brains to know the value of a good meal and fresh air. None of that maximize space sh…”

“‘Show’, Lester?”

“Words out of my mouth, dear Matilda. Pure profit. Good life for all. Henrietta led us to free range glory, walls be d….”

“Down, right Lester?”

“Right, of course.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Bill Reynolds

Took a humorous twist to today’s photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff- Fields’ Friday Fictioneers. Hope you get a chuckle from my chicken speech. Best, Clare.

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