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CG Express – Clare Graith

Glad you’re here at my “About” page. Are you a writer? I’m sharing what I’ve learned and am learning. Are you a poet or lover of poetry? I share mine as life bombards me with thought. Are you a reader? You’ll find 100 words stories (a favorite format) and continuing stories (also jump to my companion blog “Entylerwords”). You won’t actually find a lot of fluff, kittens and butterflies.

But wait this Page is supposed to be “About” me. I am a lover of nature, trees hugger to the core, birds make earth beautiful, cats and dogs remind me I’m human, gardening gets me in the real dirt and out of the intangible ‘dirt’. People challenge me to think beyond myself (but sometimes I’m okay with just being with me).

This blog is for fun, so I hope you take away something fun or at least adds to your life in a meaningful way.

Thanks for stopping by! Clare

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