Let’s Go Fly a Kite – StormWeaver Episode 15

I am chasing the kite or, Is the kite chasing me? Over a field of wild strawberries, my feet smash the sweet fruit, filling the air, My heels stained red with their juice. I am laughing, laughing, laughing. Wait is this me?I’m just a baby,No wonder the kite lifts me off the ground,And places me … Continue reading Let’s Go Fly a Kite – StormWeaver Episode 15

Up, Up, Away on Kite Strings – StormWeaver Episode #14

Rose ambles right past me, “Come.” The sitting room has two couches, A satin, salmon pink one with claw feet, A boxy faded navy blue one occupied by a giant knitting basket withA multi colored afghan flowing out of it. Everywhere there is stuff,Taking up space,Stacks of books,A set of golf clubs,A hat rack loaded … Continue reading Up, Up, Away on Kite Strings – StormWeaver Episode #14

Welcome Back? – StormWeaver Episode 13

We enter an arched door, into a snug vestibule,Where shoes line up in a neat row,And hooks have cloaks hanging.Rose pulls off her shoes and slides into slippers.There’s another pair, grey plaid.They look my size.“Go on,” Rose says.“But how…?”“Never mind, just follow.”I do as she says.My feet sing in these slippers,Supple, cushioned, perfect fit.Yes, I … Continue reading Welcome Back? – StormWeaver Episode 13

A Cat’s Invitation – StormWeaver Episode 12

The storm is over, The earth rests under our feet as it should. “You must come with us and have dinner.” Rose hangs on my arm, leading me out the doorUp the dirt path.Chloe runs ahead, kicking ice balls as she goes.“I’ll get things ready,” she says.“She means she’ll hide our secrets,” Rose smiles,her eyes … Continue reading A Cat’s Invitation – StormWeaver Episode 12

Peppery Questions – StormWeaver #11

“How long have you lived here?” Chloe asks. Rose picks up my steel cup, my plate, my stuff. “I don’t know.” Just then not knowing the year.“Twenty six years,” Rose says.That sounds right but couldn’t be. “That’s how old I am.”Rose smiles.“I never knew this house was here,” Chloe says staring at me. “I’ve never … Continue reading Peppery Questions – StormWeaver #11

StormWeaver- 10 – Flowers in the House

I pick up the grey stone. The hail pelts us still. They began pea sized, but they grow. “Come with me.” I grab the young woman’s hand. To my house in the hill, We go. Slipping and sliding on the ice, Till I push my door open,And my house is filled,With people.And the cat.The ice … Continue reading StormWeaver- 10 – Flowers in the House