Cruel and Unusual Punishment

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris She viewed the vastness of the ocean,a watery path to another place,where life waited; called from distant shores,a cruel taunt at the close of yet another day,while she remained confined. She could jump out the window,Over the fence,Roll down the hill into the sand,waves lapping at her feet,Unencumbered, free. He would … Continue reading Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Over a Pot of Soup – StormWeaver #17

The kitchen has windows withyellow shutters and white knobs,Plants spilling over the sill,A table with a honey pot, a plate of half eaten toast,Chloe stirs soup at the stove,Her is face flushed.She turns.“What happened?”“He touched the kite,” Rose answers. She peers into the pot. “Done.”“Adam, no!”“No? Have you touched it?” I ask.“Never. Mama says if … Continue reading Over a Pot of Soup – StormWeaver #17

Let’s Go Fly a Kite – StormWeaver Episode 15

I am chasing the kite or, Is the kite chasing me? Over a field of wild strawberries, my feet smash the sweet fruit, filling the air, My heels stained red with their juice. I am laughing, laughing, laughing. Wait is this me?I’m just a baby,No wonder the kite lifts me off the ground,And places me … Continue reading Let’s Go Fly a Kite – StormWeaver Episode 15