Be my Guide or is it Bride? StormWeaver #27

She’s out of the bush and brushing herself off before I can get to her.“Go,” she says.“Why were you hiding?”“To watch you take the wrong way.”There are still leaves in her hair and the fragrance of flowers drifts off her lips.“I know my way.” But I don’t.She gives a small laugh. “Please, then don’t let … Continue reading Be my Guide or is it Bride? StormWeaver #27

They Have Names – Smiling Flowers

You can buy artificial flowers, you can and they’ll look beautiful forever and not remind you that decay takes possession of the living.But can you arrange them in order, lovingly separate stalks, snip away thorns, give them fresh water daily, call them names like “lovely”, “sweetest” and “most desirable” and know, yes I say, know, … Continue reading They Have Names – Smiling Flowers

Love, Not Love, Who Knows? 100 Word

PHOTO PROMPT © John Nixon “No sane girl should dream about marriage. It’s oppressive to women.”“In the 1950s maybe.” Elle paused at the Thrift store window. “Marriage is a public declaration of love.”“Really? Half the high school is married then. Would be right for divorce to be a public declaration of not love.”“Divorce doesn’t always … Continue reading Love, Not Love, Who Knows? 100 Word