Clare Graith

I won my first writing contest in Kindergarten. It was a story about a lost cat. I didn’t understand that I won but the prize was a beat up set of Beatrix Potter books which I cherished. I still have them today, along with a near complete set of miniature “Golden Books” and one of my favorite books as a pre-teen , “Watership Down”. There’s a theme here and it is that I value books and so I value words.

I write speculative new adult fiction. My stories typically have a futuristic science spin. Alongside my love of words is my love for planet Earth; animals, trees, plants, birds, bugs, I feel a kinship to all. I have a degree in Biology and an almost minor in literature. My mother challenged my desire to switch majors half way through saying I was only quitting “because the science was too hard”. I graduated with honors and regret nothing except that I wish I had it in me to double major. My professional life is all about science but writing has put up a good fight for time and energy. I’ve been churning out novels that sit on flash drives for a few years now. I have a story about that! Look for it in my blog posts coming soon.