Cruel and Unusual Punishment

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris She viewed the vastness of the ocean,a watery path to another place,where life waited; called from distant shores,a cruel taunt at the close of yet another day,while she remained confined. She could jump out the window,Over the fence,Roll down the hill into the sand,waves lapping at her feet,Unencumbered, free. He would … Continue reading Cruel and Unusual Punishment

The Painter and His Daughter- 100 word story

PHOTO PROMPT © Brenda Cox She is under the table again,Curled up like one of her father’s painted scrolls,Away from the feet of all those that pass by,She knows they could stomp,Right over their little stand,Paints and papers flying,Stuck on fast feet,Walking off with their rice and fish,Breakfast, dinner, lunch,And she would be hungry again.They … Continue reading The Painter and His Daughter- 100 word story