Clare Graith

Glad you’re here at my “About” page. Take a look through past posts and you’ll find a personal sharing of writing tips and lessons learned, thoughts and encouragement; sometimes funny, sometimes serious. You will find flash fiction (there’s a serial story shared in 100 word bites – See “StormWeaver”), poetry, and a bridge to my companion blog (all fiction) “EnTylerywords.com”.

Who am I? The question of the century but here’s my public profile: I was born in the time of the hippies but never became one. I went to high school in the eighties, raised kids in the nineties, and now I’m sailing along surprised to find I not only made it past the year 2000 (which seemed way to space-age to actually happen back in the day) but I’m drifting passed the precipice of mid-life into the 2020s. Isn’t life good?

All these years, starting with Kindergarten, I’ve been writing stories. I think it’s about time to push past initial rejections and re-writes and late nights and get a novel published. What a great era for me to pick to make it happen. If there ever was a time to find my faithful fan club who can’t wait to read my next book, it is today. The internet opens doors and possibilities. I’m not just talking about self-publishing but networking, learning, and these days attending remote conferences. This is the day. This is the time. Come join me in this endeavor. Would love to hear what your author story is!

Thanks for stopping by!

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