Falling Leaves of Time

Everything falls down, Falling into place, Falling out of place, A vision of reality, A mirage of a dream, A new spin, On an old paradigm. What once was, is, What is, crumbles, Substance disappearing, Free fall,In a vacuum of,Order,Constancy,Certainty,Waiting to be caught,In the Hands of,The one who can catch.

Apple Litter

I passed by the apple tree many times, Walking around the block. White buds, Green apples, Fat, red, imperfect, Organically growing, On a tree. I saw apple pie, Applesauce, Apple fritters, Juicy bites of sweetness, But I dare not gather,From my neighbor’s tree,So I watched them pass their prime,Get heavy and fall,Litter on the ground.They … Continue reading Apple Litter

Are You There Yet? – Tip on Writing Description

It’s not a scam that ‘Frequent Flyer’ miles can be turned into magazine subscriptions. Over a year ago we received an ‘opportunity’ to cash in our low accumulation of frequent flyer miles for free subscriptions to six different magazines. We have spurts of flying and with COVID it didn’t look like we were going to … Continue reading Are You There Yet? – Tip on Writing Description