Burning Images – 100 Words

Cici closed the door muffling her best friend’s sobbing. “It happened again,” she said quietly to Jessy. “What triggered it? She was fine.” Cici put her hand to her head. “The shadows. They looked like the Towers”. “Oh God, yes.” “She’ll never get over being home sick, seeing it real time on the news. Her … Continue reading Burning Images – 100 Words

“To Each His Own” – 100 Words

“An island cottage, surrounded by lush vegetation. Chef prepared meals, delivered by courier. White sand beaches. In the evening, a concert of bamboo flutes, with only you and your guest the audience. You are transported from the world. Or, A bunk in a hostel, the sounds of the streets filtering in. Meals in the thick … Continue reading “To Each His Own” – 100 Words