Don’t Pen Me In – 100 Word Tale

“Gather round youngins. Hear the story when we saved farmer Brown’s a….” “‘Apples’, right Lester?” “That would be what I was to say. This here trashed building is a testament to your great, great, who knows how great, grandmama. One Henrietta Leghorn who had the b…” “‘Brains’, Lester?” “Yes, right, the brains to know the … Continue reading Don’t Pen Me In – 100 Word Tale

Fish and Chips? – StormWeaver #29

One can always trust the cat, unless the cat smells fish. Fifteen minutes up the road and where do I end up? At the edge of a pond watching Maggie cat busy swatting at minnows. She meows then laps the water daintily. Chloe breaks out in laughter. “Why don’t we have a picnic?” With tea … Continue reading Fish and Chips? – StormWeaver #29