Let’s Talk

You ignored my invitation,All…winter…long,My chair waited out in the snow.“Nana what do you expect?” Gracie asked me once.“I expect him to show up. Put his chair down across from mine and talk.”“But…”“Why does there have to be a but?” My argument was not with the sweet girl. You know that.“Nana,” she said. “Make the first … Continue reading Let’s Talk

No Monsters Allowed

Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisoff.com Photo prompt for 100 word story: PHOTO PROMPT © Ted Strutz Once the monster clenched his thoughts between its teeth, he was lost.This time lost to the voice through the phone.Her words, like scratches on a blackboard,sent blood racing on a marathon to bust right out of his heart.Paralyzing rage chased … Continue reading No Monsters Allowed

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

PHOTO PROMPT © Bradley Harris She viewed the vastness of the ocean,a watery path to another place,where life waited; called from distant shores,a cruel taunt at the close of yet another day,while she remained confined. She could jump out the window,Over the fence,Roll down the hill into the sand,waves lapping at her feet,Unencumbered, free. He would … Continue reading Cruel and Unusual Punishment