Closing the Distance – StormWeaver #34

I hear only my breathing; in, out, and a drip, hollow and gloppy. More of this stuff I’ve landed in? “Chloe?” The amber light shimmers iridescent  on the surface of the puddle. “Chloe?” I call again.   I see the faintest pin prick of color down a long tunnel. I think it’s a tunnel or … Continue reading Closing the Distance – StormWeaver #34

Wherever We Land – StormWeaver #33

“I expect we’ll land in water,” I say as we fall with our hands clasped together. I don’t know how it happened that we are so joined, but I will not be the one to let go. Her hand is warm in mine and truth be told I’m terrified to reach our destination alone. We … Continue reading Wherever We Land – StormWeaver #33

Reminders of Joy – 100 words

Things happen, everyone knows that. With Don getting fired, money will be tight. Worse yet, he will be depressed and I’m not sure I can buoy him up. Not while I’m dealing with these migraines. I’m riding my bike just for the feeling of escape, leaving all the worries. I’ll have to turn around and … Continue reading Reminders of Joy – 100 words