Love, Not Love, Who Knows? 100 Word


“No sane girl should dream about marriage. It’s oppressive to women.”
“In the 1950s maybe.” Elle paused at the Thrift store window. “Marriage is a public declaration of love.”
“Really? Half the high school is married then. Would be right for divorce to be a public declaration of not love.”
“Divorce doesn’t always mean people don’t love each other.”
“It’s all about wanting the government to recognize voluntary family. And we all know family does not require love. There’s no divorce with real family.”
“Sister, I love you and I’m sorry about you and Joe.”
“He is dead to me.”

This post inspired by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer photo challenge. Check out her blog to join the fun.

15 thoughts on “Love, Not Love, Who Knows? 100 Word

  1. As a retired therapist, I find this excellent post both sad and realistic. Your writing is outstanding, and the truth of the conversation is quite real. Which is what makes me sad.


  2. I have several friends who identify their X’s by number: X-1, X-2, X-etc. One has an X-redux. I wonder if Joe will be assigned a number some day. I enjoyed this. 🙂


  3. What a mixture of emotions Elle’s sister is experiencing, as she tries to come to terms with her divorce from Joe. You’ve very effectively used the contrast between a reasoned, if extreme, view of marriage, and the grief she now feels. Well done!

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