Top Bunk Girl

She insisted on the top bunk when she was eight.

She spent a summer in the tree house in the back yard.

The one she built with a platform and ropes as walls.

Then back to top bunk in the college dorm.

Should anyone be surprised that she would sit in her apartment windowsill,

As though it were the same as a balcony waving to her friends, especially that cute guy who promised to bring her up a latte and a bagel.

A lifetime of practice, for the one night she climbed down the brick face and escaped the flames.

Doesn’t this week’s photo prompt by Alicia Jamtaas from Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneer’s photo challenge make you smile? There’s a joy in the young lady in the window and an appreciation of that joy in the young man below. Hope you have a day filled with simple joy. Best, Clare

PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

17 responses to “Top Bunk Girl”

  1. Dear Clare,

    A lifetime of “training” for that one moment. Nicely done.




    1. Thank you Rochelle.


  2. I’m so relieved she escaped the fire!

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  3. It’s interesting, I think most of us wanted the top bunk as kids but they lose appeal as we get older. Climbing I loved as a kid but now heights don’t agree with me. I like that the protagonist never grew out of wanting to be high.


    1. I think as I get older I trust my body less to keep me from falling! But that’s probably because I’m not running around jumping, climbing, trying to do cart wheels and all the other fun active stuff kids do!

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  4. Creative spin on the prompt photo, Clare. Maybe she was a bird in a former life. She doesn’t have wings now but she can still find a way to “fly” to safety.

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  5. Without being bitten by a radioactive spider? Impressive.

    I was a top bunk boy, but I made my dad nail a board across the edge. We also had tree forts but always with walls. I always maintained I’m not afraid of heights. I’m afraid of edges.


    1. Agree on the afraid of edges instead of heights! We had a half finished tree house with no walls. I fell out of it more than once, some would say that explains a lot!

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  6. Good one, Clare. Since I’ve always avoided the top bunk, she and I would have worked out well. Until the fire that is. 🙂

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  7. Well, skill is skill … 😉


    1. Especially if it saves your life!

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  8. No doubt she reached dizzy heights in her career. She was certainly well prepared.


    1. Ready to flee a fire at least.

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  9. She probably wasn’t even scared.


    1. That would depend on how close the flames were!


  10. A fortunate life skill to have acquired. Leaves me wanting to know more about the fire.

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