Burning Images – 100 Words

Cici closed the door muffling her best friend’s sobbing.

“It happened again,” she said quietly to Jessy.

“What triggered it? She was fine.”

Cici put her hand to her head. “The shadows. They looked like the Towers”.

“Oh God, yes.”

“She’ll never get over being home sick, seeing it real time on the news. Her father. Her uncle.” Cici stared at the door wanting to go back in with a magic wand but knowing it didn’t exist.

Just then the door cracked open. Donna came out.

“You are true friends to be with me.”

Cici pulled her into a hug.

Another short story via Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt. Unfortunately, the photo cannot be shown with this post but follow the link to Rochelle’s blog to view.


Follow link to photo of two long shadows across a lawn.

20 thoughts on “Burning Images – 100 Words

  1. I had that same thought as I first looked at this picture. That the shadows… sigh… Ever reminded. Leaves me hating that my Borning Day is this month, that week…. After that, I started celebrating my Naming Day instead…it’s in April.


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