“To Each His Own” – 100 Words

“An island cottage, surrounded by lush vegetation. Chef prepared meals, delivered by courier. White sand beaches. In the evening, a concert of bamboo flutes, with only you and your guest the audience. You are transported from the world.


A bunk in a hostel, the sounds of the streets filtering in. Meals in the thick of the market, steaming wood bowls passed around, flavors and conversation confusing, exhilarating in the common enjoyment. A band playing stringed instruments, the ping of a ball hitting a hand drum. You are within another world.

Choose. You only get one wish,” said the genie.

Today’s post inspired by the photo prompt at Rochelle Wisoff’s Friday Fictioneers. Check out her blog to join the fun!


22 thoughts on ““To Each His Own” – 100 Words

    1. Thank you Vartika! I enjoy your writing as well. You have talent, a perspective and create connection to the human experience. I hope you are being mentored to write full length works.

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    1. My choice too, though I do enjoy mixing with other cultures. My current state of mind would benefit most from an island escape.


    1. Number one actually exists! For about 1500 a night, a place called “Pine Cay” in the Turks and Caicos. I’ve never been there but I read about it in Travel and Leisure magazine.


  1. Some very lovely images in your writing. Could I choose, I would want to be able to travel between both scenes, but life is not so simple. Tricky choice, I think your genie would end up sending me away.

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