See My World – 100 Words

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant

How do I explain it so they understand?
“Okay everyone, road trip.”
Eight students packed in my SUV.
They’re young. They can handle crunching together.
“Look at the mountains. What do you see?”
“Umm, trees.” I hear behind me.
Laughter erupts.
“Try harder,” I say undaunted.
One answers, “muted wheat colors, except for the evergreens.”
“Yes. Muted. Perfect. Calm right? Any other words?”
“Exactly,” I say. “This is just the way a neuro-average person thinks.”
We come up over the hill to the abandoned, graffiti covered diner.
“That ladies and gentlemen is how different my mind works.”

This photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge is compliments of Carol Erdman-Grant. Visit Rochelle’s blog and join the fun writing a 100 word tale from a photo prompt.

21 thoughts on “See My World – 100 Words

  1. Goal achieved, I’d say. What a great story. I like the image of the eight kids packed into the car, and the other small details that bring the story to life.


  2. I love this. This is the type of teaching that sticks. It reminds me of a short film I saw a while ago how an autistic person shows how overwhelming the world can be for them.


    1. Thanks for the comment. The inspiration is based on my nephew trying to explain how different the world is for him. Not sure where on the spectrum he falls but his experience of life is not the same as most!


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