See My World – 100 Words

PHOTO PROMPT © Carole Erdman-Grant How do I explain it so they understand?“Okay everyone, road trip.”Eight students packed in my SUV.They’re young. They can handle crunching together.“Look at the mountains. What do you see?”“Umm, trees.” I hear behind me.Laughter erupts.“Try harder,” I say undaunted.One answers, “muted wheat colors, except for the evergreens.”“Yes. Muted. Perfect. Calm … Continue reading See My World – 100 Words

Let’s Talk

You ignored my invitation,All…winter…long,My chair waited out in the snow.“Nana what do you expect?” Gracie asked me once.“I expect him to show up. Put his chair down across from mine and talk.”“But…”“Why does there have to be a but?” My argument was not with the sweet girl. You know that.“Nana,” she said. “Make the first … Continue reading Let’s Talk