In the Eyes of the Innocent

“Friday Fictioneers” 100 word story prompt from “” ; amazing photo captured by Dale Rogerson.

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

The quiet triggered the regret, or at least a pause.

Silence left only the echo of the wine bottle fracturing into a million pieces, shattering the thought that this was a meeting of like-minded conspirators.

Gregorio grabbed for Daria’s pass keys to Dominion’s vaults.

She was willing to share to take down the evil power lord, but Gregorio wanted the hero worship for himself.

She had no choice but to unleash her secret strength, and tear his head clean off.

The look on Sebastian’s innocent kitten face, said it all.

She regretted imprinting the tiny creature with the grisly scene.

12 responses to “In the Eyes of the Innocent”

  1. Dear Clare,

    Poor kitty. What a sight to see. I can only imagine the feline nightmares. Good one.




  2. Ouch. A fitting end for a traitor, but I feel for the poor traumatised Sebastian. I hope Daria has some power to erase the memory.


  3. Sometimes it just has to be done, the tearing off of the head.


    1. Gets the job done! Ha ha


  4. Your story reminded me of The Highlander. “There can be only one!” I hope Sebastian stays on her good side.


  5. You had me with the shattering wine bottle. Well done.


    1. Thanks Bill!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Never underestimate a powerful witch.


  7. Oh, what things innocent eyes see and innocent ears hear. We need to apply the Truth in that story.


  8. Seems a reasonable thing to do when someone’s not playing as a team member


    1. Ha! Ha! You found a glint of humor in the dark tale.


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