My 911 Story – 20 years later

September 10, 2001, the New York skyline included the parallel lines of the Twin Towers and I saw it every day on my way to work . The next day that view was gone. I worked at a company forty minutes from Manhattan. That morning I just finished breakfast in the cafeteria. I walked down … Continue reading My 911 Story – 20 years later

War Games – Second Dose

Last time was just for fun, Bows and arrows shooting at a stationary bull’s eye. When it was done, The soldiers rested. After twenty eight days of preparation, Recording in the annals of cells, The battle plan,Lined up,Ready,Trained,The real war games begin.This is where the warriors come to life,And thrive.The faux enemy behaves like the … Continue reading War Games – Second Dose

5 Things I Saw Today (April 15)

Boxers air drying on my deck. Way to go for doing your part in reducing energy waste, Honey.The cat pretending to be a panther lurking in the bushes. Meanwhile every bird in a one mile radius is screeching warning cries. Does she know and still carries on with her stealth act? Wish I could pretend … Continue reading 5 Things I Saw Today (April 15)