Shall We Meet?

Photo prompt by Ted Strutz

He thought he was so clever picking the place,
He couldn’t know that I was there a week ago.
Though cameras would have me with pink hair, a camo skirt and leggings, when the last exchange went down in flames.
Too soon since I thought, this is it, when I’m ratted out.
Today, my overall pants cover the bullet wound, shooting pain with every move.
It’s enough to remind me not to be careless.
This guy seems like an amateur spy, but they carry guns too.
Yah, we’re not meeting in the alley of Brewskies,
I know just the place.

This fantastic photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers weekly challenge is compliments of Ted Strutz. Visit Rochelle’s blog and join the fun writing a 100 word tale from a photo prompt.

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