Lingering Habits of Love- A 100 Word Tale

Photo prompt credit – TBD

Every morning that door is in my view;
The iron gate rusted but reminiscent of glory days.
I prefer to walk the other direction,
Past 1214 with its smiling cement lions, welcoming, whimsical
I smile back in spite of myself.
But no, mornings would not be for that.
It was to the park and green lawns beckoning a run, the toss of a ball.
Maybe if one were lucky, a friendly neighbor with treats to share.
Five years going round back, past that locked door.
Habits linger until today.
Time to sweep and put the dog bowl in the trash.

This post inspired by and photo prompt provided by: Friday Fictioneers at

21 thoughts on “Lingering Habits of Love- A 100 Word Tale

  1. Your vivid description had me scouring the picture to see if I missed the address or the lions. I did miss the dog bowl. Those things left behind can be hard to get rid of like somehow they’re a link to those who are gone. Well done.


    1. I saw the door as well kept, just the exit abandoned…a back door that the occupant could not bear to deal with since her pet died.


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