No Monsters Allowed

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Photo prompt for 100 word story:


Once the monster clenched his thoughts between its teeth, he was lost.
This time lost to the voice through the phone.
Her words, like scratches on a blackboard,
sent blood racing on a marathon to bust right out of his heart.
Paralyzing rage chased down his throat,
choking oxygen from his lungs, robbing him of speech.
Without mercy she pushed all his buttons,
pressed until the seams of his personhood split,
The monster would unleash havoc, wrecking more of his life.
He touched the photo, remembered his little girl saying,
“Monsters aren’t allowed at the library.”
He hung up.

24 thoughts on “No Monsters Allowed

  1. I was reminded of The Hulk and how he represents two people inside of one body. I like how you showed him choosing the side that refuses to engage in chaos. He really loves his little girl. I hope the mother doesn’t use her as a chess piece.


  2. I have a hunch that the monster got him into the situation he is in right now in the first place. Maybe his first step towards defeating it is listening to his little girl. Excellent writing.


  3. It seems as though he is prey to many monsters, or one monster with many ways to get at him. I can feel his struggle to regain control of his emotions, and I like that he recalls the words of a child to calm him down.


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