Short Short Story

Prompt: “Open a Window” ; Write short story in 10 minutes

Tomorrow’s Promise

The door cracked. They stepped into the square room. The walls were papered with stripes and tiny flowers. No, those were not flowers, they were spots.

“You saw that too,” Jack said.

“Probably an exploded soda,” Mara said.


But there was the smell of stale beer in the air.

The ‘queen’ bed took up most of the room, which was fine, all they needed was a place to sleep.

Mara pulled back the brown and orange checked bed spread. The sheets were grey. Well grey-ish. They were supposed to be white no doubt.

Jack pulled the spread back over. “Maybe we’ll just sleep on top?”

Mara nodded then tears rolled down her face. She shouldn’t cry. At least they had a place to stay tonight.

“Don’t worry,” Jack said. “I’m sure I’ll get the job.”

“It’s fine.” Mara opened the window. “All we need is some fresh air and a fresh start.”

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