Who’s Watching Now?

5 Things I Saw – December #4 of 5

4. Happy cardinal. We went on an impromptu visit to the State park the other day. It’s a great time of year to go, no people. Let’s face it, going to the woods is not for people watching or even people talking. It’s about connecting with everything not human; trees, rocks, plants, wildlife, birds even dirt. We stood on a platform overlooking a dry, brown meadow and all we heard was life — the knocking of a woodpecker against a hollow tree, squirrels calling to each other, scratches among the leaves, and twits and tweets of all kinds. But nothing is more dramatic than the red of a cardinal against the grey of leaf denuded bushes. Without binoculars I had only the telephoto lens on my phone to watch her. She sat on a thin branch, fluffing up and fixing her feathers, then she stretched her wings, cocked her head this way and that, and hopped to another branch, completely at ease.

When birds come to the feeder at home, it is a rare thing to observe them relaxed. They are often wary and fast. They come in and get their treat and then fly off. But in this meadow that never had the footsteps of people trodding about, the cardinal was simply enjoying the life of a bird on seasonal fall day, belly full of flower and grass seeds harvested from the plants. It was like looking into someone’s window and seeing them content in their home. It reminded me once again to take the time tp appreciate the simple good of living. If you are fortunate enough to not be in the midst of a trial, fluff your feathers a little, and sing a song, there may be someone watching you who needs to remember joy.

This post is one of a five part series. Check the category “Five Things I Saw” for previous three posts. Check in next few days for the fifth and last posting. Till then, have a great day! Clare

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