5 Things I Saw- December 2022 #3

3. Sad posting of a little dog. We had a sad event in our neighborhood this past weekend. I want desperately to write a happy ending but I have not heard good news. Our neighbor’s little dog got loose and they have not found her. There are woods nearby, harvested corn fields, backyards that blend together, foxes and hawks. Grief and loss are so unmerciful. They grip our hearts and don’t let go. No matter how we try to shake them loose, they just don’t go away. My husband and I feel our neighbor’s loss. We have a cat that we are bonded with. She has been out once or twice overnight. We went without sleep, wandered the neighborhood calling, sat on the deck shaking a bag of treats. She came home, we had relief. Our dear neighbors have no relief. We are not close enough for me to hug them but I hug them with prayer. Keep those around you who are grieving in mind this season. Give them a hug if you can.

Experiencing mourning over the loss of someone or some other, is the truest recognition of the value of life. You matter. Your pain matters and although grief is deeply personal, there are others around you, connected to you who at least in heart would lift this burden from you if it were possible. Sending comfort to those who grieve this time of year, Clare.

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