They Are Happily Married ?

Happily married is not happiness in each other,
But happiness with each other.
Not the world begins and ends,
With the one standing next to you,
But courage begins and flourishes,
In the closeness of the one standing with you.
Close enough to reach down,
And pull you up out of failures,
Close enough to listen to whispered fears,
The laughter of dreams too big to come true,
Close enough to see the smallest successes,
To feel hidden pains and touch and soothe,
And be there without comment.
Far enough to allow traveling through change,
Transformation, refining of character,
And not reach the end of the rope,
And let go.
Happily married is not happiness in the right match,
It’s happy in the match that stands the test of time,
That cures, ferments, deepens in trial, tribulation within and without.
That bends, expands, constricts, fluctuates, and like elastic,
Returns to its place, side by side,
The countenance of strength and love on their faces.

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