Spend it Well

Suffering is the currency of life, Not wealth, Not good fortune, Not even love. Piles of money, Won’t stave off The task master of pain, Perfect plan, perfectly executed,Is like water through a sieve,Washed away,Unretained,Nothing.Love, yes love,The sweet communion,That gives us value,Binds us together,With cords of anguishThere is nothing,To make anything,Of purpose out of life,Except … Continue reading Spend it Well

Morning Song

In the peace of the morning,In the peace of the woods,Earliest birds start the chorus,The gentle, jingle of crickets,The back drop until the sun,says they are done.Wind through trees, through leaves,The soothing, cleansing air,That whispers breath, life, voice, prayer.If I could hide in you morning,I would never leave,Never allow the cacophony of day,To lead me … Continue reading Morning Song

Stand Still. Be Quiet. – A Poem

Sometimes all the pieces, Escape me, Like the ends of kite strings, Slipping through fingers. Truths that want to be free, Want to leave me, Without the cloud of cover, Nothing to hide within.Grasping after,The drifting vapor of illusion,Of frozen thoughts, Melting in the warmth of weary time.Don’t expose me,To this fluid chaos,I will plunge … Continue reading Stand Still. Be Quiet. – A Poem

Out of my Mind With Grief

My head feels lost, Untethered, My body weak, Unstable, I want to grab normal, But it slips through my fingers, And I know, I’m not there, I’m in that other place, Out of the flow,Not in sync with the rest,Bobbing along,In a stream of pain,Sorrow,Brokenness,That can’t be glued back togetherWith words,Or thoughts,Or even prayers,Because the … Continue reading Out of my Mind With Grief