Grow Some Vegetables or Books

Can there be any better discovery than finding a new place to build a bookcase?
It all started with the garden or maybe I should say anticipation of the garden.
It’s just five raised beds but the dreams I have for them start now, or actually should have started a few weeks ago. I’m already behind in growing seedlings. That’s because I’ve learned it’s important to start seeds with warmth and light which requires a good set-up. First, a sturdy but collapsible shelf system. Second a light source. I follow a YouTube channel “The Rusted Garden”. Now I know why my seedlings are usually spindly tall and either dry up the first time in full sun or end up covered in mold: too little light and too much moisture.
I am determined this year, to successfully transplant homegrown seedlings into my garden.
It turns out I had the perfect (okay near perfect) plastic ‘bookshelf’ in one of my closets. It’s absolutely not a good shelf for books but somewhere along the line that’s how it came to be used. But not anymore. The books were pulled down and piled on the floor and the plastic shelves are now home to pots of dirt and seeds. Grow lights are still being hunted down.
That left piles of books homeless. With the shelf out of the closet, suddenly there was more space for…well junk but that’s not the point. Now where to put the books? Turns out the closet has a twelve inch deep cubby in it. My husband installed vertical runners and we happened to have a box of brackets (no joke we’ve carried them from house to house for years and never used them before) on which he put cut boards. Just look at it! Am I the only one who can look at a shelf full of books and feel warm fuzzies? Here’s the best part, I have a lot more closets in my house.

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