Grow Some Vegetables or Books

Can there be any better discovery than finding a new place to build a bookcase?It all started with the garden or maybe I should say anticipation of the garden.It’s just five raised beds but the dreams I have for them start now, or actually should have started a few weeks ago. I’m already behind in … Continue reading Grow Some Vegetables or Books

Pages the Book Worm is Eating

Books I’m Reading - February In this post, I’ll share the books I’m currently reading. My love for writing is in tandem with my love for reading. Both have followed me through life as faithful friends. I personally would not want to be without either of them. It’s been a while since I’ve opened a … Continue reading Pages the Book Worm is Eating

10 Things I Can do Without in my Life

a personal survey Lipstick - it’s a ‘special occasion’ thing for me. I wouldn’t miss it.Statistics- Like out of 5000 submissions less than 50 are requested for more in a query to an agent.Boss- in the traditional work sense. Otherwise, we all know there is always an authority somewhere in our lives and I’ve come … Continue reading 10 Things I Can do Without in my Life