Daily Quips and Tips – Facebook Page

Hello loyal blog followers and post likers, have you wanted to know the status of my NaNoWriMo 2020 novel?

Do you miss me on days there is no post?

Of course you do! (play along okay?)

Well, I’ve got the answer for that! Click on the Facebook Icon and start following my Facebook Page.

You’ll find regular updates (not actually promising ‘daily’ but…), random thoughts and links to EnTylerywords.com posts too. Sounds like fun no? It’s all free!!!

Help me build my fan base, and I do promise to bring you along and give you sneak peaks to WIPs and if that doesn’t get you, wait, I’ll throw in great recipes for healthy snacks and treats (or point you to some great blogs that will feed you well).

Yes, this is a bit of a joke, except that I’m giving Facebook Page a try and would really like to know what you think. I’m still learning so if you have any tips, please share…on Facebook! Click the link below or on the Icon in the blog header.

Thanks in advance!


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