Puppet Talk

I have a set of puppets. Looking at each character I could write a story, a horror story. They are creepy, at least to me. I’ve been carrying these puppets with me for over thirty years. They were my father’s. I’m not sure if they ended up in my possession because he gave them to me or if my mom slipped them to me when my parents announced their divorce.
The thing is, I’ve held onto them because I’ve always believed that were rare and therefore valuable. But now years later, the sentimentality has faded and I started to wonder how special they are. I checked online. Would you believe they’re only worth maybe a hundred dollars? It’s funny to find out something that seemed rare and growing in value is no big deal.

I have to laugh. How much other junk have I carried around attributing false value to it? Here’s the backbone of a good story. What starts out important to your character but becomes meaningless by the end? Start with something in your own life. Take us on that trek in your story. It will be familiar and inspiring.

I’d love to hear about your favorite character or person and what they learn to leave behind.

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