Who Is In Your Corner?

No one likes to be backed into a corner, to the place where there doesn’t seem any way to go.  Left, right, up or down, is there a way out? It’s the perfect place to put a character in. It’s classic. Every story has it. The moment when all seems lost. It’s the reason we don’t put down the book. Why we watch the movie over and over, we want to see the resolution whether it’s happy, sad, defining or moving.  

Today humanity is in a corner. Never in modern times has every human being faced the same restraint, the same submission without anyone truly exempt. No one escapes. Kind of like death but we dodge that just fine because there’s always the pursuit of happiness until our hour is up. But this confinement, this change of circumstance, this lack of choices, threat to loved ones, threat to ourselves. This is not life as we planned it. 

There’s a beauty in the unity of this situation. Yes, a beauty in the oneness of our experience. Only made possible by today’s technology; in today’s world where we’re starting to understand we are not different, not at all. We just have different habits, comfortable traditions, ways of speaking but we all breath, feel, care, dream and love the same. So here we are in the story of a millennia. How the story will end no one knows. What is life like in the corner? It’s not lonely, not when we’re all in it together.  Hold your neighbor up my friend, your strength is not for you alone. 

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