Let Me Go – StormWeaver Episode #24

Mine is an empty threat.I won’t rattle these stones.There’s no telling what they’ll do.“I’m going home.”Rose jumps up with amazing speed and grabs my arm.“No! Don’t go.”Chloe cries, face in hands, scrunched into the couch.Just a day ago I was fine,No one in my life, only Maggie cat.“Talk to her,” I say to Rose. “You … Continue reading Let Me Go – StormWeaver Episode #24

Someone’s Shaking – StormWeaver Episode #22

I open the pouch.Rose glares.I smirk.The brown stone is safe within, not the cause of this trouble.The floor shakes.Glass bottles, tea cups, and window latches rattle.Books topple from the shelf.Rose picks up her knitting.The clink of needles lost in the music of a hundred objects jostling.“Does this happen often?” I ask.“It’s because of where we … Continue reading Someone’s Shaking – StormWeaver Episode #22

The Stones Choose – StormWeaver #21

Before I can think it, Rose jumps forward and snatches the pouch from Maggie cat. “I know he filled your mind with ideas about the stone’s powers, but these are not yours.” I open my mouth, The room shakes, The earth shakes. “It’s the brown stone. Did you lose it?” Rose pulls the strings. They … Continue reading The Stones Choose – StormWeaver #21