Put All That Stuff Away! – 5 Things I Saw December 2022

Number 5 of 5

Well, this is the end of the December 2022 “Five Things”. It seems appropriate for the topic to be ‘things’. I was going to go a different direction with this, musing about what all these things mean but I think where it landed is the best place it could be. Blessings to you and yours in the New Year, Clare.

Things, lots of things. The holidays mean many things to people laden with tradition, culture and memories. Along with all of that comes stuff. Right? You know it. Lights festooning houses, strange ugly sweaters bought with hard earned cash and worn in public! Stores packed with aisles and aisles of gift ideas, huge, inflated characters on lawns, wreaths and pine scented garland inside our homes, trees inside our homes! Is the narration of “Whoville” from “The Grinch Stole Christmas“ playing in your head now?

Really, modern Christmas looking from the outside is quite a phenomenon. I love that transformation. I think we all need it once a year even if it has become a pact among our society to dive deep into sentimentality (anyone watching Hallmark movies?). What could be wrong about purposeful thoughts of “peace on earth, good will toward men”? It always amazes me too, how when the season is done, it is done, like a balloon that has deflated, all the stuff becomes just things, in the way, out of place, a hiccup in normal life.

It’s true that Christmas has been made into something well beyond the meaning of the word, “Christ’s birth”, a meaning embraced by those who have faith in Christ, and those who do not even know his name (Jesus). That’s a good thing. What happens to us during the holidays is a collective experience of hope in the kindness of others, in wishes coming true, in the beauty of lights and snow (unless you live in the tropics!). Looking forward to that time and all the ‘things’ it encompasses is a gift to everyone. For those for whom it is a birthday celebration, the things get put away but the joy continues throughout the year. Here’s hoping it’s that kind of year for you!

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