5 Things I Saw – December 2022

Number 2 of 5

2. Valentines Day decorations. The Dollar plus store likes to keep the holiday marketing going like no other. They have Valentines decorations pushing out the Christmas décor that is ransacked and near sold out. Okay I made that up…though I’m certain the day after Christmas that will be the case. I can say that confidently because I was at the store on Halloween and they were stocking the shelves with Christmas. It really seems like time is speeding up but maybe there’s some design in that. Keep our minds on what’s next, what’s next, what’s next. It is like a broken record. Don’t pause and be in the moment, in the season of nothing but life, move on and get revved up for what you can buy or need in order to be ready for the next excitement. Maybe just stay out of the Dollar plus store awhile! Maybe just stop and ‘smell the roses’ or at least the cookies baking in the oven.

Happy Holidays! Clare

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