Lost and Hungry – 100 Word Tale

Friday Fictioneers photo prompt from Rochellewisoff.com. Photo by Roger Bultot.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Lost and Hungry

I bit into the fried pickle,

And realized my predicament.

Ellie urged that falafel was near.

She left me, a novice New Yorker.

Sour juice down my chin,

I knew, my wallet was gone.

My friend was gone.

The falafel place non-existent.

Clearly in the Twilight Zone,

I ran back toward the pickle booth.


Found the fruit pies, Po-boys, taqueria,

Frantic in the sea of smells,

the Thai skewers stopped me,

no money, phone dead, a street wanderer.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder.

“What is the matter?” Ellie laughed. “Why the race? Here you dropped this.”

My wallet.

23 responses to “Lost and Hungry – 100 Word Tale”

  1. I like the way you express. I can get the feel


  2. I could feel the panic, and glad the relief came afterwards.

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  3. Well told! We are actually most of us pretty nice in NYC. 🙂
    Nice job with the prompt!


    1. Thank you, Na’ama!

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  4. Those final words – what a relief. You really had me worrying!


    1. You never know where 100 words will take you!

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  5. The stuff of nightmare! Well told.


    1. Thanks! I’ve know the panic of being utterly lost without an Internet connected phone.

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  6. good, the wallet was not missing


  7. Well done, CG. Your story brought to mind a 2014 movie I watched last week: “Before We Go.” Loved it and this. 🙂


    1. Thanks Bill! I’ll have to check out that movie.

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      1. I like such light movies at times.


      2. Definitely light movies are called for at times. A break from the heavy of everything else is a safe cathartic reprieve. Thanks for the movie tip.

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  8. she was saved!. that’s all i want to say about it. 🙂


    1. It was a happy ending day. 😊

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  9. Oh, the panic! Well expressed.


  10. Your story reflects the disorientation of the tilted scene.


    1. Thanks I didn’t notice that but maybe subliminally that directed the story.

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  11. Surrounded by choice and no means to pay for it


    1. For a moment considering what it’s like to be penniless…not fun.


  12. Dear Clare,

    That was certainly a flying leap to conclusions. I’m glad she was wrong about her friend. You did have my pulse racing.




    1. Fear can mess with perception!


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