Word Ramble – “Realize”

Words, so much packed in letters arranged and sent to the brain. Today’s word, “realize”.
To realize something is a gift that should be treasured. Every time a light goes on, celebrate. No really, it is a privilege and joy to ‘realize’. Think about it, to realize is to make something real, make something that didn’t exist become present in the room of the mind, to know what was not known a moment before, to ‘get it’, to connect the dots, see the picture, to have an epiphany, to touch serendipity.

Writing requires many moments of realize. It’s called editing, slashing, and drafting. I finished my novel only to realize the first paragraph does not do the rest of the story justice. It is like when you read your diary from high school and only then realize how immature you were. That is exactly how it goes. By the time I’ve finished writing a novel, I realize how immature the beginning is, how it does not reflect the growth I’ve made in the process of crafting. I started editing the first paragraphs and found every day, a new realization that no, I didn’t get it right yet. I’m at the place however that the drafting and re-drafting is not discouraging me. Every time I read it, I get the wonderful pleasure of realizing there’s more work to be done.
Realize means I’m not stuck. I’m not hitting a wall. I’m learning and the path opens up with each step I take as I come to know there’s another one before me. Realize is the stuff of discovery. Isn’t that what our obsession with writing is all about, discovery?

Write on. Realize new things. Let your world expand.

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