Last Year’s NaNoWriMo – First Paragraph Version blitz

It’s happening. Every day for a week I say, I’ve got the first paragraph finally polished but then low and behold, the next morning, I trash fifty percent of it, so thankful that I noticed an inconsistency before sending queries. I’m using this post to capture the iterations. Join the madness, maybe vote on which is best?

10/29 PM ver – It felt like a bad idea, driving down the dark highway, but it wasn’t. It was just that Maisey never drove at night, not alone, not secretly to meet someone she knew only by text message and phone calls. Actually, it wasn’t a secret. She had her own life even though she still lived in her mother’s house. There was nothing wrong with no one knowing what she was doing. Oncoming headlights blinded her. She gripped the steering wheel. The self talk wasn’t working. She knew the real reason that needled her brain with messages of ‘are you crazy?’. It wasn’t meeting Tyler, though normally that would be close to cataclysmic. It wasn’t keeping her actions out of the scrutiny of everyone. It was the email.

Ten o’clock, the roads were dark, oncoming headlights blinding. Maisey must be dreaming. Right? It couldn’t be true that she was driving into the night to meet someone she knew only by text messages and phone calls. Who was she kidding? Meeting Tyler wasn’t the reason she gripped the steering wheel until her hands cramped. It was the email. It sounded great to her, but then Tyler convinced her it was as good as a death threat. She had no choice but leave the house immediately.

Hi, Maisey. Love your blog. We have to talk. I mean really. I have an opportunity for you. You’re just the writer I’m looking for. Best, Raelyn,”

That’s it folks! Leave a comment if you would read on. Leave another comment if you’d like to read more! Leave a comment if you hate it. Leave a comment…hint, hint, hint.

© 2021 Clare Graith. All rights reserved.

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