Family Drama Series

What happens when your life gets dragged back into family drama? Don’t ask me! I avoid family like the plague. Only kidding, well half way kidding. I’ve had my fair share of being in the thick of it with shoutfests, accusations, ugly scenes of dirty laundry, but I’ve grown up a bit and channel those passionate emotions to better things.

My grown up self may be physically distant from the rest of the clan but my heart strings are pulled when I know any of my sisters or mother or cousins are dealing with difficult situations. My kids have unlimited access to our bank account and our very breath if they need it.

The hard part comes in when I can’t fix things. When I can’t give advice because it’s not wanted and wouldn’t be accepted anyway. When choices are made that completely confound me as though I speak a different language and can’t understand a single word they speak. I’m a praying person, maybe I should clarify that, a praying, believing person. I believe what I’m incapable of changing, prayer can.

Right now at, there’s a series running – “The Roady Series”. It’s about when Tyler is called back home to Tennessee by his abusive stepfather to take care of his four younger brothers. Mom was in a car accident and is in ICU. Tyler learns she was high, a man was killed and it’s unclear if she was at fault. Returning home stirs up a hornet’s nest of trouble for Tyler but in the middle of it, he finds some parts of his life open and some parts close.

Binge read the series first 10 episodes at Click on Menu at the top header of the blog site and choose “Roady Series”. Enjoy!

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