Light From Within

It is an older house,

Not old in the good sense,

weathered, outdated, simple

with overgrown bushes.

But the top edge of the windowed front porch

is adorned with vintage Christmas lights;

Big, bright, red, blue, green, yellow.

Jolly colors that tell me,

Someone in that house has a merry heart.

The care of its simple decoration,

Says there is joy within its walls,

And I imagine peace.

No pride and conjured up importance,

Just a little show of holiday cheer,

Put up on a Saturday afternoon.

I muse a box labeled “Xmas Lights”

Taken down from the attic,

Carried to the front steps,

Ladder retrieved from the corner of the garage,

Perched safely not too high,

Smile on the face,

Jingle bells hummed,

Hooks left up from last year,

Makes an easy task.

After dusk falls the first night,

the lights come alive,

Step back.

It is enough.

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