Vote for Paul

Writer’s Tip #1

Paul was one of my older sister’s friends, but he was a gregarious type and didn’t mind hanging around teenage girls a couple of years younger than him. He was preppy when preppy was a thing. He had a real boyish charm, at ease, open. I remember him not because I had a crush on him, that would be wasted puppy love. He was graduating in a few months, and going off to Georgetown university. No, he is part of my story because he shared a writing tip with me on the evening before I would take the SATs (aka college entrance exams).

He said just before I needed to write well, I should read from a good book. Good writing prompts the brain to produce good writing. I took his advice. I did very well on the Verbal part of the exams. (We won’t talk about the math portion. Paul had no tricks for that). I continued to use that advice through college, work and now as a writer of fiction. I remember Paul, his smile, his willingness to share his knowledge. I would vote for Paul if he ran for president. I always expected to see him on the ticket one day. (Now would be a good time Paul!) I pass this tip on to you. If you’re stuck in a jam, and nothing seems to flow, stop writing and read, read, read. Then see what happens next time you sit down at your keyboard. You may find your best words ever pouring out with ease. Write on!

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