Who Am I?

Just another writer, another blogger, another person on planet Earth spilling words across a page?

Yes, and there is power in that admission. I’m not alone. We humans are a confusing sort, on one hand seeking shelter from the madness of people on the other receiving our deepest joy from connection with people.

I find myself in that mix but the reward of spinning a tale, capturing the attention of a complete stranger, and passing on a truth is worth the cost to find my readers.

I’ve been lost in the pages of famous and not so famous authors, being moved to a place of deep thought, humor, solace and refuge. To bring that to others is the motivation that drives me to accept rejection, flinch at corrections over and over and get back to my e-pen and page.

I’ve started this blog to share my journey to publication. I know there will be lessons along the way. Growing and changing is the privilege of being human and it doesn’t stop even after you can no longer claim to not be ‘grown up’ (though I will still make that claim).

Thanks for stopping by!