Closing the Distance – StormWeaver #34

I hear only my breathing; in, out, and a drip, hollow and gloppy. More of this stuff I’ve landed in? “Chloe?” The amber light shimmers iridescent  on the surface of the puddle. “Chloe?” I call again.   I see the faintest pin prick of color down a long tunnel. I think it’s a tunnel or … Continue reading Closing the Distance – StormWeaver #34

Wherever We Land – StormWeaver #33

“I expect we’ll land in water,” I say as we fall with our hands clasped together. I don’t know how it happened that we are so joined, but I will not be the one to let go. Her hand is warm in mine and truth be told I’m terrified to reach our destination alone. We … Continue reading Wherever We Land – StormWeaver #33

The Sport of a Tease – StormWeaver #28

“Which way does one go when one does not know the way?” Chloe says from behind. I can feel the smile on her face. Try as I might not a single detail comes back from when I came here. I shade my eyes from the sun and look left and right.I hear Chloe snickering.I turn … Continue reading The Sport of a Tease – StormWeaver #28