Don’t Go There

Don’t think too much or too deeply, Don’t. Some pools are meant to not be stirred, to remain crystal clear; the muck where it belongs, settled, bound up, resting in darkness. Certainly don’t drop a rock hard truth, Or a heavy reality,Into the calm waters.Don’t.The serenity of the right place for everything,is at stake.Don’t even … Continue reading Don’t Go There

Daily Destination – A Poem

So it is, Is another day, Daily spent free, Freely to step, Stepping any way, Wayward on some, Sometimes path straight, Straightened by hope, Hopeless for today, Today is not life, Lifelong destiny, Destined for higher, Heights not seen, Seeing in now, Now clouds the view,Viewing with soul eyes,Eying beyond fills,Filled up with belief,Believing in … Continue reading Daily Destination – A Poem

Go With the Flow – A Poem

Air is free,Freedom to breath,Breathing to live,Living decided,Decision to think,Thinking for better,Best way is sure,Surety sealed,Seal for strength,Strong in unity,United to act,Action of truth,Truthful is clear,Clarity simple,Simplicity weightless,Weighed without pain,Painful to no one,Oneness not lonely. Connect with me at my Facebook Page: