Disintegrated Whole – A Poem

I am scattered about,

with the cat’s toys, the dirty laundry,

the crumbs on the countertops and under the table,

In the midst of halfhearted kisses,

Between unfinished sentences,

Thoughts interrupted,

Abandoned to ‘whatever’.

In puzzle pieces,

of not all the same picture,

The veterinarian,

The farmer’s wife with lots of kids,

And animals, a horse maybe, chickens.

The surgeon since dissecting animals in lab was second nature,

The missionary to inner-city kids,

Speaking out what “Jesus loves you” really means,

A recluse living in a woodland tiny house with a garden and solar power.

I am in pieces,

divided up among real life.

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Into the Darkness

The sun in glorious orange pink,
rises in my rear view mirror.
I’m driving into darkness,
with the promise of day,
behind me.
I know it’s there,
but I must have courage,
to go forward even though,
I can’t see every pothole,
every crack,
the depth of the curve.
one will pass the other,
and while I think on this,
the pink of light has spread,
an arch, behind, to the sides,
until light meets light,
and the night is gone.


I don’t recognize the sound,

Of my own breathing.

I’m in a vacuum.

Don’t ask me how I feel.

I feel nothing.

I feel everything.

It cancels out,

To silence.

“I think therefore I am”,

I exist,

Hung in space,

And time,

In someone’s mind,

no substance.

No that’s not it,

Filling a void,

With my name on it,

A vapor,

A whisper,

A secret,

Spoken about,


But exposed to each and every,



They kept us in the dark;
covered so we would not be afraid,
Rules to govern
because they knew without the walls we would roam free,
right over the edge and not
even see the danger;
not believe it was there.
But now the walls are eroded,
pocked full of holes,
no longer sustaining the shield.
Freedom feels like exposure,
Limitless troubles.
Can we go back to safety?
No, we can only erect new restraints,
Built by what we brought with us,
From the blind days,
Not walls, fences.
Boundaries in wisdom we declare,
We won’t go beyond.
We will be islands,
In the midst of anarchy.
Holding the ground we stand on.