True Love – A Poem

I believe that you will leave,
Because that’s what I expect,
That’s what I think you’ll do,
Because I’m not all I thought I was,
And I haven’t done what I promised I would.
I rush to make amends because,
Soon you’ll leave,
if I don’t give you hope that one day,
I’ll get it.
But then I stop in my tracks,
Where am I going with this?
You’re not going anywhere are you?
You never have and never will,
So I’m putting aside that fear.
I’m changing what I believe,
and resting in your nearness.

Rose Colored Words

I’m not in the mood for gimmicks,
Is it age or am I just not agreeable,
to the cushiness of nice thoughts,
pleasant feel good phrases,
words, ideas, even songs,
that tell me, all it takes is one smile,
to light another and everyone will feel better?
Better not try that on me.
It seems so far away,
from my soul,
the place inside that knows,
it is going to take more than an expression of peace,
to be at peace.
Can we get past being afraid to tell the truth,
tell it like it is and
still be okay?

Go With the Flow – A Poem

Air is free,
Freedom to breath,
Breathing to live,
Living decided,
Decision to think,
Thinking for better,
Best way is sure,
Surety sealed,
Seal for strength,
Strong in unity,
United to act,
Action of truth,
Truthful is clear,
Clarity simple,
Simplicity weightless,
Weighed without pain,
Painful to no one,
Oneness not lonely.

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Into the Darkness

The sun in glorious orange pink,
rises in my rear view mirror.
I’m driving into darkness,
with the promise of day,
behind me.
I know it’s there,
but I must have courage,
to go forward even though,
I can’t see every pothole,
every crack,
the depth of the curve.
one will pass the other,
and while I think on this,
the pink of light has spread,
an arch, behind, to the sides,
until light meets light,
and the night is gone.

Speaking Heart

It’s not the words,

That I speak,

And must take back,

Wash away with,


It’s the place,

Where those words,

Came from.

‘Out of the heart,

The mouth speaks’.

What’s in my heart,

Is revealed,

By words.



Anger, not righteous,

But at my loss,

Of time,


Expectation not met.

Sorry clears the air,

But what clears my heart?


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But not for long,

Light shines above,


Yes, music,

The anticipation of,


Fresh in the lungs.

How long have I drifted,

In darkness,


Kept beneath the weighted waters,

Too deep in the caverns of choice,

Going as the undercurrent,

Took me,

Lost from who I could be?

Long enough.

I almost forgot,

There was a world,

Not submerged.