The Step After – A Short Poem

The moment after the plan collapses, Stars collide instead of shining, Feet slip from solid ground, Dance on rolling, ever changing, nothingness. Will breath show up on cold glass, a moist palette, evidence of life? Scrawl a message, but what to say? Who will read it backwards and understand? No parachute for the jumper, Only … Continue reading The Step After – A Short Poem

Life on a Page – A Nod to NaNoWriMo

I had an idea, a good one.It started with pen and paper, then my hand cramped,Ditched the romantic old school notebook,Out came the keyboard,The software,The locked closet,Dim light,Sitting among shoes, clothes, books at my feet,Tipping off of shelves,Words to inspire, to cheer, to say,“keep going”.Cups stacked in cups,Dregs of coffee,Dried out tea bags,Crackers crumbs, candy … Continue reading Life on a Page – A Nod to NaNoWriMo