Let’s Talk

You ignored my invitation,All…winter…long,My chair waited out in the snow.“Nana what do you expect?” Gracie asked me once.“I expect him to show up. Put his chair down across from mine and talk.”“But…”“Why does there have to be a but?” My argument was not with the sweet girl. You know that.“Nana,” she said. “Make the first … Continue reading Let’s Talk

Morning Song

In the peace of the morning,In the peace of the woods,Earliest birds start the chorus,The gentle, jingle of crickets,The back drop until the sun,says they are done.Wind through trees, through leaves,The soothing, cleansing air,That whispers breath, life, voice, prayer.If I could hide in you morning,I would never leave,Never allow the cacophony of day,To lead me … Continue reading Morning Song

And the Owl Says…The Art of Sound

Through the fog sleep came the gentle, almost comical “who, who, who”. I didn’t hear a “t” at the end but in my blurred state of wakefulness, I still knew the morning alarm was an owl. With that recognition, a picture of him was clear. I’ve seen this owl twice in six years. It is … Continue reading And the Owl Says…The Art of Sound