Out of my Mind With Grief

My head feels lost, Untethered, My body weak, Unstable, I want to grab normal, But it slips through my fingers, And I know, I’m not there, I’m in that other place, Out of the flow,Not in sync with the rest,Bobbing along,In a stream of pain,Sorrow,Brokenness,That can’t be glued back togetherWith words,Or thoughts,Or even prayers,Because the … Continue reading Out of my Mind With Grief

Power of One Hundred

A Story Form There are lots of things counted by one hundred. There are hundred-year storms, hundred-year floods, one hundred pennies in a dollar, one hundred "bottles of beer on the wall” according to the song and then there’s the one-hundred-word story. Not a child’s book, an actual story. I want to thank a recent … Continue reading Power of One Hundred