Personal Notes on the New Year

Woke up in the new year, From a sound sleep,
To the pop of fireworks,
12:04 am.
Ha ha!
Thought something was hitting the window.
It’s a new year on the calendar,
Same world.
I want to do better in this current
12 month period.
Just not sure what
That looks like!
Not better at what I do,
Better at who I am,
But it’s a moving target,
And I feel like I’m missing the point,
Shooting arrows aimlessly.

Writing note- introspection and journaling can lead to great writing. I entered a contest a few months ago with a short story birthed from a few thoughts I jotted down and turned into a character’s situation. Winners will be announced soon. I’m not terribly hopeful but it’s a good story. I’ll post one day and see if you all agree. Maybe in my newsletter coming soon!

Happy 2021 may it be fruitful in all that is good and halt all that is bad.

Year of the Bullet Journal

I started out this year with a writer’s retreat. A few solid days of blissful writing away at a spacious bed and breakfast with a small group of likeminded writers. What a gift to spend hours writing without anyone around who was wondering when I be done, or if I would like to go out for a walk, or watch a show. Days without the silent ‘hello do you know I’m alive’ looks.

Truly, I could have spent weeks like that. It gave me great joy to find that given the chance, I could write day and night.

I also started the year with bullet journaling. I learned about it from a YouTube channel – “Elsa Rhae”.

Daily blocks

The whole concept of creativity, snippets of writing, charting and mulling over the status of my life, my health and my moods, totally appeals to me. I started out with charts on foods I ate, sleep quality, stress levels, one liners on daily things I was grateful for, worries, things I learned, goals. I had a calendar, lots of doodles and designs with colored pens. A week before the end of the month I spent an hour or so setting up for the coming month, enjoying every moment. Then March came. COVID came. The charts faded away. The journal entries got longer. By July, all the health and foods tracking were gone. The pre- dated sections were gone. Now in October, I still have a simple calendar, simple goals, simple picture of a leaf, and just a few pages of journaling. What happened? I don’t know. But in nine months, I’ve distilled my journal down to a very simple format. Maybe that’s good. Maybe that’s bad. One thing is for sure, I’m still writing and the record I’ve kept chronicles a momentous year. I don’t think I’ll ever regret having this experiment with bullet journaling to look back on in the years to come.

Just write it!