On Women’s Shoulders – A 100 Word Tale

In honor of hardworking women caring for this generation and the next… Photo Prompt Copyright - Lisa Fox used by permission for Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisoff.com On Women’s Shoulders Trespassing was a crime, But did it count if owned by family? Alex pulled the grey stone out of the old structure, Two down from the … Continue reading On Women’s Shoulders – A 100 Word Tale

Waging War- A Poem

You see me and think I am strong,a warrior,That I stand and inspire you,to fight on,as though I am wearing,a special armor.You don’t see that I am only wearing,courage and necessity,like rags laid upon my back.I march on, not in certain victory,but the certain finality,of the day the truth is known.What will you think of … Continue reading Waging War- A Poem