Waging War- A Poem

You see me and think I am strong,
a warrior,
That I stand and inspire you,
to fight on,
as though I am wearing,
a special armor.
You don’t see that I am only wearing,
courage and necessity,
like rags laid upon my back.
I march on, not in certain victory,
but the certain finality,
of the day the truth is known.
What will you think of me then?

This poem is in honor of International Women’s Day and all women who continue on even when they don’t feel capable or equipped for what the day demands.

Into the Darkness

The sun in glorious orange pink,
rises in my rear view mirror.
I’m driving into darkness,
with the promise of day,
behind me.
I know it’s there,
but I must have courage,
to go forward even though,
I can’t see every pothole,
every crack,
the depth of the curve.
one will pass the other,
and while I think on this,
the pink of light has spread,
an arch, behind, to the sides,
until light meets light,
and the night is gone.