A Cat’s Invitation – StormWeaver Episode 12

The storm is over, The earth rests under our feet as it should. “You must come with us and have dinner.” Rose hangs on my arm, leading me out the doorUp the dirt path.Chloe runs ahead, kicking ice balls as she goes.“I’ll get things ready,” she says.“She means she’ll hide our secrets,” Rose smiles,her eyes … Continue reading A Cat’s Invitation – StormWeaver Episode 12

5 Things I Saw Today (April 15)

Boxers air drying on my deck. Way to go for doing your part in reducing energy waste, Honey.The cat pretending to be a panther lurking in the bushes. Meanwhile every bird in a one mile radius is screeching warning cries. Does she know and still carries on with her stealth act? Wish I could pretend … Continue reading 5 Things I Saw Today (April 15)

Storm Weaver – episode 6

100 Word Flash Fiction Series Where has that last pebble gone?I make the mistake of using the broom.Did I hear a sound, the rattle of a pebble skipping across the floor,Out the door?Maggie springs after it, bats it further down the worn front path,Now I’m chasing the cat,Chasing the stone,Till I come upon a weeping … Continue reading Storm Weaver – episode 6